• High temperature furnace

    The high temperature furnace adopts multi-layer design, which is respectively heating zone, insulation zone, nano insulation layer and air troposphere。Combined with low thermal conductivity insulation materials, the furnace surface temperature can be ensured to be less than 65°C when the high temperature furnace is below 900°C。

  • High efficiency rotary system of high temperature drawing multi-temperature furnace

    The high temperature furnace adopts the open-type integrated structure and controls the temperature in three sections。The inner wall of each part of the shell of the furnace body is equipped with a ring insulation material,Form a ring heating chamber,The electric furnace wire is divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower,Each section of electric furnace wire is connected through a contact point arranged on the surface of the insulation material,The furnace body is provided with upper, middle and lower thermocouples,Each section of electric furnace wire is heated by a temperature controller and the temperature in the furnace body is collected by a thermocouple。

  • Micro high temperature furnace

    GWL-1100A micro high temperature furnace is suitable for various high temperature test, tensile, compression, bending and fatigue test of metal, composite materials, ceramics and other materials。

  • Pneumatic high temperature furnace

    The device is mainly composed of high temperature furnace, side insert temperature control couple bracket, observation window, opening and closing ring, opening and closing cylinder, opening and closing bracket, etc。By adjusting the stud and the opening and closing ring connection, the cylinder controls the opening and closing ring opening and closing, so as to realize the automatic opening and closing of the high temperature furnace。